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Be Encouraged
Will you be Powerful or Pathetic?
Myths & Truths About Bipolar Disorder
May is National Mental Health Month
Ways to Avoid Depression


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Be Encouraged

Too often we try things and don't succeed with immediate results and perceive this as failure. This is process not failure. When you were a child you didn't come out of your mother an run. You laid in her arms and developed to a place where you could be put on the floor. Then you rocked on all fours, crawled, pulled up, took wobbly steps, walked like Frankenstein, then walked with confidence before you began to run...Process. Such is life. Whatever your goals are pursue them with passion but know that failure is abundantly possible. Embrace it. Learn and grow from it. Then succeed. Be encouraged. 

Will you be Powerful or Pathetic?

I was flipping through channels the other morning and stopped to listen to Joyce Myers (internationally known evangelist/author) sharing the life stories of she and her brother. Both were raised in the same home with the same parents and endured forms of abuse at the hands of their father. Joyce overcame her history of sexual abuse through ministry. Her brother took a different path through combat service in the United States Marine Corps, womanizing, as well as copious amounts of alcohol and drugs.

Myths & Truths About Bipolar Disorder

Do you have Bipolar Disorder? Do you have a family member or close friend with Bipolar Disorder? Are you afraid of people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? If you have questions this article may answer them:
Many potential clients inquire about counseling services and report previously being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. However upon further discussion they may have either self-diagnosed Bipolar Disorder based on a magazine/ezine article, television commercial, movie depiction or may have been misdiagnosed by a mental health professional.

May is National Mental Health Month

Did you know that May was National Mental Health Month. Since 1949 mental health providers and organizations have been spreading the word about the concept of "Wellness." The is some confusion about what the term means because it goes beyond the medical model of definition.
The national organization, Mental Health America, recently reported the following statements. "Wellness is more than absence of disease. It involves complete general, mental and social well-being. And mental health is an essential component of overall health and well-being.

Ways to Avoid Depression

I have clients come in for treatment with the feeling that they will NEVER get better or NEVER feel "normal" again. I share with them they are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I also share with them life is full of new challenges and opportunities for change and this current feeling of defeat or despair is a part of that cycle. The follow link leads to a story about the recurrence of depression and self-care steps to prevent a downward spiral.

The Power and Price of Ignorance

Being that this is Black History Month I have been engaged in many discussions regarding race and the it's place in American culture. The concept of prejudice was introduced and the multiple platforms it rears it's ugly head was explored. The FX television series "The Americans" chronicals a time in American history when the cold war was in full bloom and Americans were prejudiced towards the Russians and their socialist ideals. There are Russian sleeper cells infultrating America and their prejudices towards American ideals are also highlighted.

Can't Sleep? Here are 12 Tips to Help....

My clients can tell you that I preach the goodness of sleep.  If you are interested in a fully functioning brain then you need sleep.  If you like to be healthy, in shape, and emotionally stable then you need sleep.  If you don't like the airlines charging you extra for the bags under your eyes then you need sleep.  Our bodies need to recharge just like our Ipods, Ipads, cell phones, computers, and every other gadget we have today that takes us further away from actual human contact and communication.

ADHD Diet for Adults

ADHD is a challenging and often undiagnosed problem in adults.  Several years ago there were claims that ADHD was over diagnosed in children and the pharmaceutical companies took alot of heat.  Whether it was valid or not I will not debate here (catch me off line for my soap box rant). I was reading an article about change in diet and eating habit (e.g. times of the day or number of times a day) and how that may impact symptom presentation in adult populations.  I have added the link below for you to check out for yourself.

First Blog

Welcome to our inaugural blog post. This will be a place where we will discuss clinical topics, educational material, and tips for family and relationship growth. No specific case material will be discussed here. This is not a confidential format and will be posted for all to read. Please enjoy and contribute where you feel comfortable.
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